• Do not wash hair up to 48 hours after initial application of extensions

  • Extensions may feel tight or uncomfortable the first few days

  • Before washing, brush all tangles out using gentle strokes. Brush hair starting from the bottom up with a recommended hair extension brush up to three to four times daily

  • After being in a pool, hot tub, body of water, or any other chemically treated water, rinse & wash thoroughly with a PH balanced shampoo & conditioner

  • Colours and quality of hair may be altered depending on the chemical make-up of water treatment systems. Hair extensions are not recommended for use in chlorinated water, salt water, and hard water with a high mineral content or in hotter climates than normally accustomed to as damage or discolouration can occur

  • We recommend pulling hair back into a loose braid or secure top-knot with a soft hair tie when going to sleep to prevent tangling/matting

  • ONLY use extension products prescribed by your hair extension artist. Do not use any over the counter chemicals such as; perm solution, permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, shampoos that contain sulfate or wax, or any products not approved by the technician/salon

  • DO NOT USE natural and organic shampoo and conditioners


  • Scheduled maintenance appointments are recommended every 4-12 weeks depending on the type and condition of your extensions and natural hair

  • If you have any questions/concerns during the duration of the install, don’t hesitate to ask anything you may be wondering about

  • Brush Beauty Bar is not responsible for any colour change/damage done to the hair if salon grade shampoos, conditioners & styling products are not used.

  • Extensions MUST be removed professionally (recommended to be removed at Brush Beauty Bar, as our products work together) and that if they are not maintained/removed in a timely manner, it is solely your responsibility for the end result of your natural hair

  • When getting extensions we cannot stress enough about using the right products to make your new investment last and look picture perfect, no matter the occasion. Feel free to ask your extension artist for a list of approved salon products for at home use.